Made in Pistoia : ever visited a Tuscan farm with cows?

With me,  yes, you can!

Visit a family run business with the owners , explaining their experience about the Chianina cows ( it is one of the best meat quality  you can find in Tuscany) they started with just 3 animals & now they are almost 100 .Their  passion for this job : to feed animals with cereals produced in the farm, no chemical additions, just good food for them to grow up happy cows that can provide us  tasty meat with no stress living in a relaxing place as this one. The owners love their job & their amimals as part of their family spending most of their life with them everyday .

A real “fiorentina” steak can be bought in the butchery shop just close to  the farmhouse open to public just during the week-end in which you can find even  yummy pork sausages , yes they have even some pigs too , delicious Tuscan ham , coppa ( a  traditional   Tuscan kind of salame ) & extra virgin olive oil from the many groves in the property, I.G.T. white & red wine  & even potatoes, tomatoes & other vegetables from the garden. 

A real paradise for foodies as me!

Enjoy my photo now… 


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