Pistoia : cots of arms of noble families from Pistoia

As promised to my blogger friend Yvonne who visited Pistoia some months ago & asked me the meaning & the belonging to two cots of arms she found in Pistoia during her walks , here it is the first she met : Cancellieri family one of the most powerful family of Pistoia since 1200 .

These photos come from a book titled : “Grandi famiglie Pistoiesi  – I Mercanti  Banchieri -”   written by  Dario C. Barni – photo by Claudio & Luciano Gori – edited in 1994 by Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Chiazzano – Pistoia.

The Cancellieri family was together with the Panciatichi family one if the most powerful families in Pistoia since 1200, they were  bankers with no noble origins.

On the cots of arms there is a pork as  the Sinibaldo Cancellieri was called “porcone” ( big pork in English) maybe because he was a big eater!

At the mid of 1300 the Cancellieri family has banks not only in Pistoia but also abroad with some branches in France & in other Countries.

At the end of 1895 the last heir  of Cancellieri family – Girolamo Baldassarre  – left the palace you can see here below in my picture to his grandson Luigi Ganucci , from Florence, on condition to use a double surname to maintain the family name on the palace, so still nowadays it is called : palazzo Ganucci Cancellieri & also the street on the left corner of the façade  is titled to Cancellieri.


24 thoughts on “Pistoia : cots of arms of noble families from Pistoia

  1. Thank you so much for this extra information. I’ll be posting this to my blog, for sure. I’m coming to Tuscany in March, so I’ll be looking for more of the stemme in Pistoia, and hope I find that second one again!

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      1. That will be wonderful, Miky. I’m staying in an aprtment in Prato for 2 weeks, so I’ll have time to explore slowly. Non mi piace cappuccino, ma piace macciato. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your interest in my post . I don’t know if you can find it on line or in a bookstore as it as it was a special edition made by a small Pistoia’s bank and presented to its clients . Where are you from and do you have some relatives in Pistoia? There is a street in my birthplace that brings your family name , just on the corner of the old palace belonged to this family😍


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