Why  Pistoia ? my interview to American  expats who decided to live here.

 I love my birtplace Pistoia, as a part of myself, althought   I wanted to escape from her when I was young  as I thought it was too small , too NOT open mind for the big dreams I had..after many  years I fell in love with her just because I have been so fortunate to see  it through foreign people’s eyes : yes, my clients or friends I met herr or I have invited  to share with me my  small town.

It’s a long time I wanted to  ask   my American friends from Florida this questions : why Pistoia & not Florence or Lucca or Pisa to choose as your second home ? What do you love most? Now I am happy to share their reply with all of you.

They choose to call Pistoia their HOME & this is something I cannot forget anytime we meet :I feel so blessed & honoured to be their Italian Tuscan friend , having our cappuccino together talking in English & some in  Italian too ! sharing food as we share our passion for authentic ,sincere feelings  as only my beloved Pistoia can offer to visitors or locals. 

So these are my questions & they were so kind to answer me with great joy & authorizing me  to publish  them here.

Hope this will be another reason to visit Pistoia for all those have never heard about it before but maybe now,after reading this, could think it worths a visit or maybe even to spend part of their life among its lovely streets & people.

Thank you Lyn & Neal , you are such a great lovely  couple & great friends to me & ….I love you!

 1 Why Pistoia ?      

We wanted to come to Italy and live like an Italian, we first thought Lucca would be the place. On a visit to Pistoia, we were introduced to several expats who live in Pistoia along with friends who were introduced to us 10 years ago and are in the restaurant business. We found Pistoia to be hospitable in a way we were searching for. We found Pistoia to be a real working community of family owned businesses and a blend of like minded people. A community of pride and culture to our liking. People who shared the rich history of the region. We discovered, Pistoia is also conveniently situated to experience the world known tourist communities within easy drive in either direction.

2 Why not Florence or Pisa?

Florence or Pisa are accessible by car or train as day trips and we don’t have to deal with the tourist traffic which is so crowded and unpredictable.

3 What do we like more about living here?

For us its not one thing, the food, the convenience of services and the uncrowded access to what we enjoy. Tranquility, while living among ancient history. The feeling of living among culture wich continues to be celebrated as it should be.

4 2017 The cultural capital designation?

Yes, for us it deserves this title.This is quite an honor! You have a blend of historic art and architecture in Pistoia plus the close proximity of the mountains and churches with unimagined beauty and history. The Etruscan history. The art history, manufacturing history, agriculture history etc.. We learned the other day that the commuter trains for New York, Boston and Atlanta were built right here in Pistoia. So current history as well. The ability to have all the creature comforts within walking distance.

5 Hospitality,

We have enjoyed Sagras and festivals and been treated with gracious, vibrant energy. We feel like we belong and perhaps that is easy for us since we are retired. We look forward to returning home to our small casa and miss it dearly when we are back in the United States.

6 Language,

We feel strongly that to live in Italy you must embrace the language. Become part of the fabric of the community. It’s nice to see the dual language for it validates our growth in the Italian Language which should always be first. Its like being in school and young again.

7 We see Pistoia in many ways,

Charming, vibrant night life in the Sala, tranquil piazzas, opera, music, mix of modern and ancient art. We hold arms and stroll along the alleys and streets, talking about the energy left behind, the energy being created by the citizens who embrace all that Pistoia has to offer. We talk about how much we want to introduce our family and friends in the United States to our experience. Yes, it has an updated heart, yes it is romantic and it is tranquil among the buzz of a Friday night in the Sala. My mother always said, “You get what you give”, it has never failed us. 

 Ti amo Pistoia!

My friends Lyn & Neal & me



25 thoughts on “Why  Pistoia ? my interview to American  expats who decided to live here.

  1. My wife and I love Pistoia. We bought an apartment there nearly two years ago. So glad that there is another American couple there. We spend part of our yeat in Pistoia.

    The people. The food. The reality of Italy in Pistoia is wonderful! We can’t wait to return!

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      1. For certain, my wife and I must meet you, and your other American friends. Perhaps for a pizza at Il Pollo d’Oro? My wife and I had a wonderful pizza, and warm and friendly service there last July. Unfortunately, you were not there at the time.

        Our apartment is about a 10-minute drive from the city center of Pistoia. It has lovely views of the city and surrounding hills from our terazza.

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      2. Oh really did you taste my husband restaurant ? Many thanks 🙏 and so sorry I wasn’t there!maybe I was travelling in Tuscany …next time please let me know in adan e & I want to be there to suggest our specialities🍕🍝🍰🍾🍸🍷🍹☕️🍾🍽


      1. So welcome to my beloved Pistoia!💖💖💖Do you like it? Where do you live in the historical center or in the countryside? My best regards, ciao Michela


      2. Grazie mille,
        We live temporary by Conad on Via Antonio Gramsci until we find out forever place.
        We plan to be close enough to city center to walk within 20-30 minutes.
        Would love to meet you sometime!

        Ti amo Pistoia

        Claus and Andrea

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  2. Hi Michela,

    Would still love to meet with you to enjoy your (our) city together.

    Please contact us by the email we provided in previous email if you are still interested.


    Claus and Andrea


    1. Buongiorno Claus and Andrea,
      yes sure!
      Just back from New York had to settle down here again..😂😂😂
      What about a cappuccino on Sunday morning about 11:00 by Caffè du Globe?


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