10 thoughts on “The new logo for Pistoia : Italy’s capital of culture 2017

  1. This is not a logo….this is a children’s game called “Pick Up Sticks”. The child drops the sticks on the table and tries to pick up as many as possible without moving another stick. The child who picks up the most sticks without moving another stick is the winner! With all the beauty, history, art and culture to inspire creativity in Pistoia, this one fails miserably! Shame on the Judges!

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    1. Thank you! in Italy we call this game “Shangai”we use to play it when I was a babygirl . Forgot it until I saw it last week here. There is an explaination the author , a designer, gave us , but I wonder : a logo has to be explained or it has to be just so simple to be understood at first sight?


    1. So sorry not being able to kiss you goodbye tonight! hope you enjoyed Pistoia & the Pollo d’Oro food experience 🍷🍝🍺will pass your greetings & apologies to Lyn & Neal immediately😉enjoy Florence & keep in touch❤️💋


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