Pistoia : the longest hypogeous in Tuscany & Tibetan harmonia

Yesterday I had the best experience of relaxation in a stunning original location : in the longest hypogeous path in Tuscany ,maestro Iuri Ricci  – a skilled musical therapist & musician – played for us  , a small group of people,   his beautiful  Tibetan bells .

The sound was fantastic & the good vibrations too so that I could relax until I felt asleep in a very short time but still hearing the world moving around me.Such a great experience I wish to repeat soon : it was as being in the Pistoia’s heart hearing its heart beating along with ours!

Here are some of my photos I took of the place that can be visited with a guided tour in English language too  everyday the web site is :www.irsapt.it just for a walking guided tour, the great  experience I did yesterday can be made   only some days as you could see on Iuri Ricci website : www.tibetanharmonia.net

(The first hypogeous path is even  accessible to disabled people & blind people ).

Enjoy my photos!


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