Missing London in Christmas time

Yes, I miss London as a friend who lives far from me but who stays  in my heart everyday, every moment of my life.

London has a special place in my mind : live its  big streets, its multicolour windows, its shops & its smells around different world’s cultures & kitchens !

Miss the curry flovour , the vin brulè in Covebt Garden, the coffee warm cups kept in two cikd hands, the smog & the fog around the gardens, the flowers in front of the doors in Kensington, the crowded Covebt Garden with the big Christmas tree & tge jacket potatoes with salted butter, the Liberty department store wrapped as a gift for me with a red, shining red ribbon…love the tube where still players are singing old songs from when I was a teenager, more than 30 years ago…

The smell of London cannot be forgotten as well as its vibrant life inside every small restaurant, cafès and tea room ….its dark pubs with the same old & young people sitting together sipping pints & pints of lager…

Christmas time is just a period of the year but for me London is the place to live in inspite of Easter or New Year’s Eve it remains my fav city in the world as it has been the first one who saw me fly away alone from home & made me the happiest girl in the world.

Don’t change London as you didn’t in my memory & in my heart until now.

Love you & miss you so muchhhhh


These photos are from last visit two years ago : yes,it’s time to go back!



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