Pistoia dressed for Christmas 2016!

Goodmorning my friends !

It’s  December 8th  & in Italy it’s time to drees up the Christmas tree : it is an Italian tradition only? or even in your Countries is it the same ?Today offices are closed & shops open for Christmas presents. People are free from work & can enjoy a day off this year a Thursday that is perfect for a long week-end  at home or travelling.

Families  that stay at home usually  use this day to dress the Christmas tree with children or alone if children,  like my daughter, prefers to go out &  have fun with friends ….

Facebook is full of Christmas trees photos so I don’t want to annoy you with more trees , just let you see some of Pistoia ‘s streets right now &…my cappuccino dressed for the occasion too!!

Enjoy  and catch the moment , carpe diem as the Latins used to say!


4 thoughts on “Pistoia dressed for Christmas 2016!

  1. It’s very low key in my little town, maybe the hot weather stops us from getting too excited about decorating? Maybe by next week it will be more festive.

    I love being in Italy at this time of year. 🙂

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