Pistoia : a jewelry that is jewel itself

Sometimes you have treasures around you , you could  never thought about & you discover them just because you are a curious person!

That’s exactly what happened to me some days ago : I  went  – for the first time – into a Fabiani jewelry in my birth town , Pistoia, and while I was looking around I saw a beautiful ceiling on a second floor  .It was my first time in this shop I told you  , but not in this building that was a lovely boutique when I was a teenager & where I had been many many times  in the past but NEVER seen the wood stairs leading to the first floor.

So, I asked to the kind employee , Ylenia,  what about upstairs & she showed me this art nouveau style location  with lovely  frescoes on the walls & ceiling I could  have never imagined in such a  place!

Ylenia explained that it  was an elegant restaurant in Pistoia called “Etruria” that was the most glam restaurant at those times when my mother was still a child .

What a great surprise for me to discover this hidden gem in my birthplace & so I wanted to share it with you, taking some photos .

Fabiani jewelry did a great job in adding just some beautiful  boxes  with silver  items to valorize the old precious location keeping  the old iron gates and the original pavements, creating a gem inside another one.

I also  invited my mother to visit it the day after ( and have there some Christmas shopping too ) and in her long life as a Pistoia’s citizien of 77 years old she had never had the  pleasure to see it!

So many thanks to Fabiani to use this location with great care & sense of beauty & to its kind staff to have shown me such a great hidden treasure in my beloved Pistoia.


Ylenia and Alessandro

My mom & Ylenia

Vincenza and Ylenia


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