Buon Natale from Pistoia !

My best wishes for a peaceful Christmas with your family & friends for a very happy relaxing day!

Here some of my photos I took by Chiesa del Carmine in Pistoia – that is not open to public usually  – but for this special exibition with handmade original Nativities  made with different materials even recycled ones , it is now open during Christmas festivities.

These shots are for you, my friends from all over the world, to show you an old beautiful church you couldn’t  see without this event & without ….me!

Happy days & enjoy life , I love it & love  you : it is just for you that I am always looking for  original locations  & things to share with you.


8 thoughts on “Buon Natale from Pistoia !

  1. Thank you for the look inside this church, and the wonderful display of presepi. (Some of them are quite different!) Italy is a special place to be, at this time of year.

    I’m sure your Christmas was one of happiness and sharing. ❤

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    1. So happy you loved it!! 😍It’s a very beautiful Church that is impossible to visit except such special events 😒 glad to share it with you. Have a great Xmas & happy new year darling❤💋💋💝

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    1. Grazie mille cara Cristina!Buon 2017 anche a te 🍾🍸❤🔝Spero che verrai a visitare Pistoia quest’estate quando torni in vacanza in Italia, sarebbe bello conoscersi eh? Un bacio 😘 Miky

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