Welcome 2017 & may  all your dreams come true as these ones…

Are you ready for the new year?

As I already told you in my previous posts this upcoming  year , 2017 , will be very important for my beautiful little town Pistoia and for me , of course , as I feel as being part of my birthplace.

Just about 50 years ago nobody could have ever imagined that our city would be  become capital of something : maybe of plants,  as we are  of the most important location for the Italian nursery plants industry  , but of the culture….since ever  squeezed between Florence – she is the real queen of everything in Tuscany ! – & the farer Pisa so well known everywhere for  its tower, it was hard to even think about it, it was a timid Cindarella in Tuscany ,

but ….the magic happened again : Pistoia is no more a Cindarella but a shining star in Italy .

this year we are celebrating my small town Pistoia as a hidden gem in Tuscany & my dream to share its beauty with the world finally became a reality, so never give up, never forget your dreams & take example from this young lady  too – about my age , so a very young lady – from Pistoia  who started walking as a daily outdoor sport in Pistoia’s streets but then she thought:  if I can walk why  I can’t try to run? 

so she start running in Pistoia’s parks & streets & then she said to hetself : why don’t fly to New York for the Marathon?

and she did it , she ‘s really got it! 

Here you can see my friend Alessandra Cappelli from Pistoia in my husband restaurant – Il Pollo d’Oro – showing me the medal that shines less than her smile!

one step after another, one day after the other for three years she run to be in perfect shape to run 6 hours in New York city & feeling as a champion, she didn’t win but she did it & she arrived happy  , & alive ! until the end of  the 40th Running of the five Boroughs of New York ! Well done Alessandra!

yes , a lady from Pistoia , the same small town I was talking you about before, she  fulfilled her dream & she made me feel so proud of her that I wanted to share this  with you .


Enjoy 2017 & never stop dreaming   , your dreams  will lead you where your heart is.


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