A special sweet , yummy roll from Pistoia!

Have you  ever heard about “scole” ? In Italian it  sounds like “scuola – scola ” = school in English but it has nothing to do with this .

When I was telling about how tasty they were to my friends living just 10 km from Pistoia , they told me they have never heard about them  & neither tried them, I was so surprised about this , so I asked to some friends from Florence & they told me they have “pan di ramerino” that is similar to scola but with rosmarin  leaves inside, but not scola! So I understood it is a typical delice from my birthplace, Pistoia.

It’s a a very nice kind of soft, small panino = roll  , made with bread dough  but with addition of some raisins, aniseeds , eggs , butter  & some sugar inside & over its top.

They are a typical traditional Easter speciality you can find them in bakery and since some years also in some supermarket.

As they are  so yummy – especially for breakfast dipped in a warm cup of milk or a cappuccino thick foam  – some bakery makes them all year round . They remind me my grandmother Gina : she loved them so much & we used to share them in front of a nice cup  of tea in the afternoon , talking about the chocolate eggs  – with surprises –  I was expecting for the upcoming Easter time .

Now I am sharing them with my daughter Francesca who loves them as much as me & last year we tried to make them at home : a great satisfation but instead of an oval little  shape as the tradition wants ,  came out an only big one I had to cut in small pieces to eat it , more like a Panettone instead of a scola…but the taste was fab!

Try to eat them when you visit Pistoia , it it is not Easter time, write me & I will let you know the supermarket name where to find them .

Here you could see them in my photos , handmade by  professional baker , with the original  right shape , not mine!!!

Enjoy life &  my Pistoia !


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