Migliacci pistoiesi : traditional  crêpes made with pork blood  (Made in Pistoia – Italy’s capital of culture 2017)

My grand-grandmother Inès introduced me to these particular kind of food when I was a child.

I didn’t know what they were made of and so I tasted them & loved them inmediately.

Nowadays , as my daughter knows what they are made of , she doesn’t want to try them : she really can’t dare to taste them & I think it’s a pity…never loose a chance to try something new without trying first, then you could say your personal opinion but not before tasting!

During  this season Tuscan farmers kill the pork & start making sausages, coppa,ciccioli & using also the blood to make these particular crêpes with some sugar or  parmasean cheese on them : it depends on you , I like them with sugar only , for me they are like a dessert.

After my grand-grandmother death I’ve never tried them homemade , althought you can find in some butchery in Pistoia, but just last Saturday my daughter’s  boyfriend  family “killed the pork “….so the tradition is back , I thought &  they asked me if I would be  able to make migliacci , if so they could send me some the mix made of blood +pork broth & spices to make them!

I accepted the challenge & I tried to do them at home : just adding some flour  & that’s all .

Some extra virgin olive oil in a small pan & then immediately sugar on the top , roll them & eat them hot!

I have to admit that I felt a bit a sort of vampire while I was handing (with care) the blood …it was sooo RED!!!

I had never  seen before the changing colour of the blood in just a second : from Marlboro red to dark brown  with the heat of the fire…but when I tried them,the taste was eccellent & the texture too so, old suddenly sweet  memories came back to me : when I was visiting my grand-grandmother  house , with my grandmother & mother in the winter days or the so called “pork days” , when she invited us for an afternoon break  – in Italian a “merenda” – with these black crêpes with a spicy taste.

For a moment when I closed my eyes all these beloved   ladies of my life were back again , here in my kitchen last night , reminding  me that food is even,  and most of all , memories & love.

Have a look as I did them and please don’t  be scared if you have the chance to try them  , please do it & think of me.


9 thoughts on “Migliacci pistoiesi : traditional  crêpes made with pork blood  (Made in Pistoia – Italy’s capital of culture 2017)

      1. I like dark chocolate Crepe when in France.. We do have a similar thing like crepe in our country, but usually it is like potato crepe 😛 we do have a chicken version of that, but not pork

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