Pistoia : Vinicio Polidori an artist with a special touch 

Vinicio Polidori : born in Pistoia same year as me ( so, a young man indeed !) met him first through its drawings explosed by Bar Nazionale in the library room & then met him personally through my friend Alessandra Vannetti who is the owner ‘s bar.

Vinicio ‘s life is made of success & passion : for painting & for travelling.

Left Pistoia at just 17 years old to Britain to study English & work , then left to United States & start travelling as croupier in big cruise boats such as the Pacific Princess , yes exactly  that  one you saw on TV , the Love Boat ! travelling in the Carribbean  & stopped two years in Bahamas.

After 10 years of this life back to Tuscany in Florence to start a new successful carreer in hotellerie , here he got in touch with Pietro Annigoni studio-atelier and  Romano Stefanelli  –   Annigoni’s  direct disciple  https://it.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pietro_Annigoni  from whom  Vinicio could  learned all the  tecniques : from drawing to painting to a frescoes restoration.

His passion for art never left him since nowadays when he did a great portrait of big dimensions to Lionel Richie &  Earth Wind &Fire .

He won many awards for his works such as the Premio Leone d’Oro a Venezia in 1966 and many others.

Recently he made a beautiful painting oil on canvas to celebrate Pistoia ‘s 2017 capital of culture & he is actually  working on a portrait for a friend of him , an actress – Terry Anderson – who played in “Beautiful “soap opera , so well known in Italy , the role of Christine .

Do you want to have your own portrait or a Tuscan landscape in your living room to look at when you miss Italy?

Just write me &  I will put in touch with Vinicio  that can do a fab portrait of you or of your family just sending him a picture & he will make you feel as a pop star or an actress too !

Enjoy my photos

A sculpture? no, a painting!

Enjoy these pictures 😍

Vinicio & his daughter

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