To be a working woman in Italy : a business speed date to meet other women – Confcommercio Pistoia & Prato together

Have you ever took part to a speed date? For me it has been my first time last Thursday evening & I’m sure it will not be the last one!

 Not to know a new man for a love story but a business “one-to-one” meeting of just 3 minutes each to introduce ourselves to another woman.

It has been planned by Confcommercio – an entrapeneurs  – trade Italian association from Pistoia & Prato ( that has been a very renowned texile district in the past & still noe at just few km from Pistoia ).

First , a great aperitivo by the Pecci restaurant bar in Prato together with 54 ladies from Pistoia & Prato ready to be connected later in the meeting room of the museum where we have been welcomed  by the general manager  of the Confcommercio , Tiziano Tempestini , ( the only man of the speed date!) & from my friend Donatella Moica that is the president of To Be Donna – the femmine side of Confcommercio .So many things to share & to talk about with a great wish of cooperation , need to be together to fight against the taugh crisis we want to overcome as soon as possible with our passion for our jobs , our mission : be working woman with a private life, maybe even a family , but still dynamic  &  competitive on the market.

Do you need a private detective? We got it! Do you need a free library in a bar cafè? We got it ! Do you need a beauty salon or a vintage shop? We got it! and so on ….many other kind of traders united to help each other & feeling part of the same pink side of the moon building a real net made by wimen not just virtual but even real , as only women can be.

Let’s stay together : we can be stronger & go ahead in a shorter time if we are a group.

Welcome my new friends, hope to meet you soon in your own shops next time !

Enjoy my photos now & ladies you know I love you so much you are great business partner indeed.

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