Made in Pistoia : how to make croccante

Ever tried ‘croccante’ ? It’s an onomatopoeic  word thst sounds like ‘crock’ & in fact it crocks under your theeth!

When I was a child I was used to have it during the traditional Carnival in Pistoia ,when the street food trucks were  coming to town & spread all over a yummy smell of caramelized sugar.

Nowadays not just for Carnival but for any kind of country festival or even on Sundays in our city center.

Just almonds or nuts or peanuts and sugar – as in this case-  a bit of water , a big copper saucepan & a wood tool to mix all under a great flame.

Met this kind gentleman who did it all his life & was captured first by its smell & then by his work  & hands.

Can’t resist to ask him if I could take photos for my blog as I told him : my friends abroad will love to see this but what a pity I can’t catch & send this delicious smell to them…

Next Wednsday he invited me to follow him while you is making another kind of sweets for children but also suitable dor adults of course , called “melani” ever heard about them?

In two days you could see here how they look like.

Enjoy my photos!​

Pistoia on market day : very crowded!


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