Pistoia &  “Il Funaro”a special space/place for artists

Pistoia reveals hidden gems behind its doors or its gates , as in this case.


Il Funaro is an indipendent cultural center founded in 20o9 by four women : passion for theatre leads them to renovate this forgotten ,ruined building – from which the street takes its  name too,  Via del Funaro – that hosted in the past a “roper”= in Italian “funaro”.

Ropes for linking people, to hold people , to connect people , to put in touch , to give  rope & let them go…

Many meanings we can attribute to this name by the way, many top quality events & theatre classes for children & adults, along with creative writing classes & many shows inside these walls, even the smallest cinema of the world maybe? Called Tandem cinema as it is  for two people only & the entrance is free : you have to order a drink or some pastries to share during the film ( a great sacrifice indeed , I know! ) 

I have been attended for two years to the class theatre for adults of any age ( included old ladies of eighty years old ) & I loved it so much. Two weeks ago I ‘ve been there again with the film producer Carlotta Bolognini (film  director Mauro Bolognini ‘s   niece ) for an interview inside this Tandem cinema for the Italian Tv network RAI3 for a interesting Sunday morning telecast.

Here some photos from the backstage with the  interviewer Edoardo Camurri  https://it.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edoardo_Camurri who leads the broadcaster ” #provinciacapitale ” and next Sunday my Pistoia will be shared on the regional Rai nerwork …so, stay tuned!


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