Pistoia : the old Fabroniana library since 1726

I’m sure you can’t imagine how many libraries Pistoia has !

This is such a great location in the heart of Pistoia : open just twice a week  ~ Tuesdays & Thursdays morning .

You can find more info here https://it.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblioteca_Fabroniana

Cardinal Carlo Agostino Fabroni was the founder & still today after so many centuries you could see & read these old books – some handwritten – about 20.000 volumes…

A special place to visit if you are in Pistoia , to be add to the other libraries must see  : Forteguerriana  – dated 1473 the newest one SanGiorgio the biggest in Tuscany , this one & the Domenicans one just restored last Saturday & open to public again.

Furthermore the most original & ethical one :” la biblioteca dell’amicizia ” by Bar Nazionale in PiazzaLeonardo da Vinci in Ppstoia city center, near the station ,  created last year in the place of a slot machines room .

Choosing culture  instead of money – reading & smelling books can be a POSITIVE, amazing  addiction!

Are you addicted to books? I have & I love it👏👏


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