A typical  Italian – freak – market in Florence

Love markets like this : full of nice stalls with organic food & aromatic herbs coming from the  countryside full of different kind of people, a real melting pot !any kind of food fresh straight from the producers , hard   hands & tanned faces so different from the citizen ones 

 I love the feeling they evoque in me : a lot of sweet memories of my youth , of my beloved cities where I have been living for a while like London or Munich , my trips in New York , in Sardinia, in France, in Africa … many markets I saw & still keep in my heart.

Maybe I am a bit nostalgic today but this is another good vibe I had yesterday wandering in this square in Florence – Santo Spirito – thinking of when there were many hippies in our towns &  nowadays are just so rare ! 

Times have changed , sure , but my interesting in fair,  good , organic food & simple smiling people is  not .


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