A brand new  mayor for Pistoia & an historical change

Yes, we can , we can change .

Pistoia just voted for a new mayor but this is not the  of only news , the real news is the change that this is  means . Pistoia has always been a so called “red city” for about 70 years but since 2017 June 25th it changed colour : the right party took the power.

The new young Mayor is a young  married man with two little children , working in his family run bakery  located in Pistoia , who fascinated most of Pistoia’s people with his polite manners and  his sincere dedication to politics since he was a boy . He has been able to catch the hearts of Pistoia’s people sharing his ideals with his potential electors  not only during his public speeches & meetings but most of all  listening to people in the streets, giving voice to those who have never had it before.

Many young people from Pistoia started to follow him & trying to support  him in any way to promote his meetings and spread his slogans on FB and  on all the socials . I can say that  in all my life  it has been the first time I have seen  such a great interest for mayor’s elections in Pistoia.

Sincerely I  don’t know what we could expect from this new crew just settled down in our City Hall since now on , but one thing I think I can say we should understand  from  this new choice : people from Pistoia – maybe from everywhere – need to be listened , need to feel to be part of a project , being involved in ruling the city with honesty , clearness and by someone who speaks their  own language .

Good luck to our new mayor , Alessandro Tomasi & his new team of people from Pistoia , choosen  by Pistoia’s  people for Pistoia’s future .
Be honest  & respect people who voted you & even  those who didn’t and never stop listening to the men’s street chats : stay close to people with open eyes & you will find the right direction.

Be the mayor of all of us  – as you proclaimed during your spechees –  be the change you want to see in the world – as Mahatma Gandhi said – be the change everybody is looking for our beloved city  & Pistoia’s people will support you for more than five years.


9 thoughts on “A brand new  mayor for Pistoia & an historical change

      1. I’m well, but have very poor movement of my elbow. I’ll see the surgeon next week to find out why, and what can be done.

        Is it hot in Pistoia?


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