Discover italian Nursery’s excellence

sari landscape

As part of its 2017 promotion, the Flormart Trade Fair held a ‘Green Press’ Tour earlier this summer. This first event was attended by foreign journalists from this sector including Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Ukraine. They were given a full immersion into the tradition of Tuscan nurseries between Siena, Pistoia and Montecatini. Here they saw Italian biodiversity, visiting the most important areas of Italian horticulture, but also finding out about the excellence and quality of ‘Made in Italy’ products.

The journey started from Padua, the city of Flormart, and continued to visit the nurseries of Margheriti Piante in Chiusi (Siena), Innocenti and Mangoni Piante, Piante Mati 1909 and Giorgio Tesi Group.

Margheriti Piante of Chiusi (Siena) produces 2,600 species of plants on 300 hectares. The attention to the preparation and packaging of plants also allows the optimization of national and international shipments without incurring the risk of damaging the…

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2 thoughts on “Discover italian Nursery’s excellence

  1. Hi Miky. What a fabulous event to be involved with. I wrote a story a few weeks ago about my day with you in Pistoia and mentioned the lovely nurseries near your home town.

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  2. Sounds like a lovely event. I wrote a story on my blog a few weeks ago about our day with you last May and I mentioned the nurseries in your area. Lyn x


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