Wild boars in the garden – Sardinia Mon Amour

Have  you read ” Elephants in the garden ” by Kuki Gallmann?

I did , many years ago & loved it very much for the great ability of  the author  to describe her  beloved Africa, her second home .

So it comes so easy to my mind  this book’s title when I saw wild boars in my garden last night in Sardinia ( my second home in summer time : it  represents for me gorgeous  nature, complete freedom from city life  dress code , here just slippers & bikini , excellent food & wine,happy hours on the seaside at sunset ,  perfect relax with good books to read  & old friends to chat with on the beach ).

My cottage in North Sardinia

Maybe less romantic than elephant , I know , but Italy in not Africa and this is not so unsual to see them  – when it gets dark – so close to our house looking for food in the litter boxes..

Last night I was woken up by  a big wild boar that was eating  a lefover of watermelon , he was so hungry and he did a lot of noises with his mouth as an uneducated human could do!

Three nights ago I found another one with its babies  in the back of the house …every year since 1974 Sardinia is my summer home and I learned a lot about these animals.

At the beginning they were just few and  were really wild , you should go in the forest to find  them and they were not interested in humans , now they are very increased in number  & they are not scaring about humans at all. They  understood where to go to find fresh food ( our leftover) every night! They are able to open with their nose & mouth hard plastic litter boxes and destroy everything they may find…in the morning we can find a nighmare scene if it were  a tornado in the garden.

Local people told us it’s tourists’ fault because we started feeding them in the past as they were pets and now they look forward to summer time to find fresh food everywhere in the streets at night.

I knew they can even drink vodka without getting drunk : many  years ago my friends left on the back of their garden an half watermelon with vodka & a mixed  fruit salad and the wild boars  ate everything!

I also understood they  can be very aggressive & attack you if the are with their babies  but if alone  they just don’t care about you .

However ,when I meet them in the garden , during the dark nights in Sardegna, ( as our village  is immersed in the nature with few lights) , I prefer to start  walking  faster & climb my stairs because another thing I knew about them : they can’t climb!!

Why don’t you join me for a great , exclusive tour in Sardinia next September?

I will be your tour leader & could share with you all the beauties & goodies of this wonderful island in the Mediterranean sea!

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