Dario Longo :a contemporary artist from Pistoia

Immersed in an amazing artistic and natural setting , on Pistoia’s hills , by www.fondazionevivarelli.it I visited this lovely contemporary art exhibition by Dario Longo

“Meeting point” is its title and here you could see some works made by www.dariolongo.it a good friend of mine since we were children .

The colour and the shapes , common , simple materials used in a different way : iron and wood become lighter and have a different meaning thorough Dario Longo’s eyes.

Funny word play such as “Albero motore” : albero is tree in English , motore is engine , so he put a propeller to trunks !

Working objects became small puppies with intelligent eyes and have a new life.

Floating wood musical notes look so light hanging on the ceiling and mixed with other sculptures made by Jorio Vivarelli the renowned sculptor from Pistoia to whom belong this Foundation and that was his house and atelier until his death some years ago.

A younger artist as Dario Longo , from Pistoia ,dealing with an older artist’s heritage as Jorio Vivarelli one , with different materials but with the same language : the rare capacity to touch our souls.

in the garden foundation


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