Easter time : it’s Colomba sweet time in Italy!

Have you ever tasted Colomba Pasquale ( Easter dove in English )? Not yet? Here follows some photos I took on the ‘backstage’ of Fratelli Lunardi bakery in Quarrata – Pistoia – www.fratellilunardi.it

This special kind of soft pastry needs many rising hours to be ready for the oven in this case the Lunardi brothers – they are the proud heirs of a family business open in 1966 –

used an eighty years old sourdough to make it and waited until three time of rising to produce this yummy and tasty Colomba – this means many hours in a temperated room until it is ready to be cooked.

A baby born old fashioned dress for the old sourdaugh!

I don’t like candies but these…they are so tender, so good that you can change your mind if you try them!

I found out there are different way to make Colomba’s shape

This last one is the best one for Lunardi brothers .

This is the way the Colombe have to stay when just out of the oven : up side down

Now we can taste it and it is soooo delicious and light!

Are you hungry now? I am and so , let ‘s have a nice cup of tea and a big slice of Colomba by Fratelli Lunardi : tradition and innovation in their bakery ! you can find it not only in Quarrata but now even in Bottegone ( Pistoia district) – Tuscany – in Strada Statale Fiorentina , 556 with a new shop with delicatessen and many different kind of bread , cakes and pizza : you can have a yummy lunch here on your way to Pistoia from Florence or take away and bring with you a lot of goodies for your family and friends .

Even if you are in the heart of Florence you can have another cosy location where to eat Lunardi’s yummies by “Sottarno” in via Dei Ginori 53/r.




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