Pistoia : in Italy today we celebrate Carabinieri institution since 1814

You can’t imagine how times foreign people in the last past years asked me : what is a carabiniere?

This morning I have had the pleasure and the honor to be invited to the annual celebration of this important and historical institution founded in 1814 by Vittorio Emanuele I of Savoy – King of Italy – it was the Royal army of the united Italy . They took part to the First and the Second World War , in 1974 was formed a special group of Carabinieri against terroristic attacks , then since 2000 it has been elevated to an indipendent armed force inside the Italian Ministry of Defense. The Carabinieri also have been involved and still are , in special missions abroad so not in action on the Italian territory.

However, in my opinion the most important thing to know about Carabinieri for a tourist is that they are always close to people ,the have offices in every district of Italy and you can feel safer when you see someone of them around..So if you might need any help whenever you are traveling in Italy , don’t hesitate to stop them and ask. You will find a great help in them .

About this morning : what to say? A great emotion to be there and feeling proud of this historical and important Italian institution .

Me with two Carabinieri and the Major of Pistoia , Alessandro Tomasi


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