A museum about lies:ever heard?It exists and it is on Pistoia’s mountains

I am pretty sure you have heard about Pinocchio, one of the most worldwide known lier with his long long nose and the theme park dedicated to him that is near Pistoia – in Pescia – but have you ever heard about a museum of lie?

It exists and it is just twenty minutes driving from my birthplace : Pistoia .

The location name is “Le Piastre” a very small and green hamlet very well known as a relaxing and fresh place where to spend summer holidays.

Many people from Pistoia and from other parts of Tuscany used to have a second house here so it is very renowned : the river Reno crosses the village and brings freshness to the area around. In fact still now you can visit the old “ghiacciaie” ( particular kind of warehouses) in which in the past , before the fridges, they stored ice to sell it to people around the valley and this is another museum at the present .

Nowadays you can visit “Museo della bugia” an interesting museum hosted in an old hotel that is just on the main street that leads to the village of Le Piastre .

Emanuele Begliomini introduced me to this guided tour – such a great experience! – that I wish to share with you as it is really original, unique and fun, of course!

Everything started on 1966 from an idea of three men : Mauro Begliomini, Giancarlo e Mauro Corsini . In the past with no tv no computer no cinema the only way to have fun was telling stories , true stories from the past but sometimes after telling all the time the same old story someone sarete adding ew details and then some more until a fish of one kilo became one of 10 tons!

So, this is not just about lies but about telling good lies that means having fun with words and enjoying sharing these jokes with visitors coming from outside.

Since 1966 every first week-end of August there is the “Lie Festival ” in Italian “Festival della bugia” in which take part many famous strips designers coming from everywhere for the graphic sector, writers for the literary one and others for the verbal session .

Don’t miss the museum if you are around Pistoia and if you have the chance to be here in August…don’t miss the festival with the best lie of the 2018!! There is even a book available now if you want to bring home some good lies to show your friends.

Open on Sundays since 2018 April 1st


for other days, on request please call : 0573472201

in Via Modenese , 653 – Le Piastre – Pistoia – Toscana – Italia 🇮🇹

Visit the website:


Mauro Corsini the creator of The Lie Festival

Emanuele Begliomini – the so called “ magnificent Rector” of the festival & the museum

Under the fireplace : where Giancarlo e Mauro Corsini had the idea of the museum of lies


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