Locanda Cipriani : a must in Venice

What a great, sunny day in Torcello island with a fab group of American and English people sharing excellent food in a relaxing ,charming and historical location such as Locanda Cipriani !

Antipasto di astice was so delicious with the perfect Bellini cocktail ( just invented in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani owner of the renowned Harry’s Bar in Venice ) followed by a risotto with mix vegetables , a selection of grilled fishes and a yummy soft pistacchio cake.

The atmosphere was so lovely : many old photos in back and white tell the stories and the history of the place : kings and queens ate here along with famous writers and painters , actors , actress and singers : all of them with the same smile because you can fell just happy and satisfied when you can breath this special kind of “air du temps” and feeling part of this kingdom where everybody can be a star just for the time of an elegant lunch in a tiny lovely island far from the crowded streets of Venice with a prestigious past : the first lagoon island to be populated and its cathedral Santa Maria Assunta founded in 639 a.D. is simply enchanting but I will tell you about it in another post.

Enjoy Cipriani lunch now!


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