A multicolor autumnal food experience in Pistoia

Autumn is here and it’s time for multicolor food!

First of all a deep BROWN of chestnuts on our Pistoia’s mountains and then, the the beige color of the chestnut flour ( and we can taste sweet crêpes filled with ricotta cheese or make a castagnaccio , a chestnut cake with raisins , pine nuts ,wahlnuts, rosmarin and extra vergin Tuscan oil )

it’s time for a shining GREEN : the new extra virgin olive oil just pressed in our old and modern mills

it’s time for YELLOW /ORANGE pumpkins and delicious soups or cakes

it’s time for the WHITE color of our fresh sheep cheese  the so called ” Pecorino a latte crudo ( raw milk  ) della montagna Pistoiese a Slow Food product and its  delicious, yummy  ricotta

it’s time for AMBER  color of the new Vin Santo – Tuscan dessert wine – and to be tasted with typical Tuscan almond biscuits called “cantuccini”

it’s time for RED  – as our new Chianti wine from our hills so….what are you waiting for ?

Visit Pistoia and have a full colored yummy, tasty food tour with me for a sensational smelling and unforgettable tasting experience and have the chance to meet the people who make all this possible : local farmers and shepherds and …me, of course!

For more info and /or some questions feel free to contact me:

mikyriccia@gmail.com –  Miky : your Tuscan  tour leader for yummy tours, because you can really  get in touch with a Country just from its food and all the old stories behind it!



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