Summer colors of Pistoia : sun is here,on our food market today

Buongiorno from my birthplace, Pistoia!

This morning I after having visited the clothes market that as I wrote in another post of some time ago, it is on Wednesday’s & on Saturday’s in the main square of Pistoia since the Middle Age,

I took a walk at the vegetable market on the “Piazza de La Sala” : the name comes from the Latin , “sala regis ” that was the palace of the Lombard gastald and I fell in love with its multicolored seasonal fruits!

Couldn’t resist to buy cherries so big and so sweet I’ve never seen before…what better way to enjoy summer than eat its fresh picked fruits?

This morning it was a real sunny & beautiful day , finally the Tuscan summer time I used to have during my childhood has back in town and I wish to share all this with you as an invitation to taste my Pistoia.

Enjoy life , enjoy the lovely new season displayed on the stalls of the everyday food market and discover what Tuscan people from Pistoia eat !


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