“Wine windows” in Florence: one just re-open!

Have you ever seen “buchette del vino” in Florence? Maybe yes but you didn’t know what they were…

In English could be translated in : “wine windows”, for wine lovers since the XVII century when , due to some export restrictions the Florentine noble families decided to sell wine  produced in their countryside estates , directly to people on the ground floor of their palaces in Florence just on the street , a sort of a small door that was open just as a shop .

The buchetta ‘s hole shape had the same size for every palace so that only the right bottles size could pass through to be filled up by the seller.

In Florence have been counted about 140 of these little windows but only this one – in my pictures here below – is open now and I went to see it just last week.

If you want to have a guided walking tour and visiting the closed ones and then have a tasting tour with me, a stop here for a glass of red Chianti wine is included of course, along with other yummy stops on our way….

just contact me at :


and you could discover “MY Florence” not only through its artistic beauties but even through food & wine of course!

Salute, cheers and enjoy MY Tuscany!

Wine window with info about how to use it
Inside the wine window:it is a restaurant- bar “Babae”
Another closed Wine Window in Florence with info about when it was open :time and days

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