Sardinia: you shall have no other seas before me!

This is my first commandment since I was ten years old.

Sardinia took my heart away soooo many years ago and still nowadays I can’t miss one summer without its clean and emerald sea and I love it not only because of this : its coasts are so beautiful and each one is different from another.

You can find rocks or sand , pink sand or white sand, with coral or granites, soft as powder or in small pieces as little stones and when you walk on them it’s like a soft peeling for your feet.

Long beaches where you can have a walk talking with your friends or just in a silent way by yourself : it is the best way I know to relax and think .

Around you only the blue sky, blue sea and the sand or rocks and sun : no cars, no smog, no houses , just pure incontaminate nature around you.

Furthermore in Sardinia you can enjoy not just a gorgeous nature but even many archeological sites, romanesque architecture and beautiful churches , fortified castles and then yummy food : excellent wines , fantastic sheep cheese , scented honey from the wild flowers of the bush and ….nice people!

All this makes Sardinia so special to me because it is a lovely place with an history not just nature, you will never get bored of it as it is full of treasures and can surprises you every time you visit.

That’s why I couldn’t change my Sardinia with any other sea : it is an amazing special mix of the best things you can have on earth and this brings inside you a strong , positive energy.

I will try to keep inside myself all these good vibes until next summer or maybe hopefully, even before.

Enjoy ” my sea” , my view, my Paradise on earth called Sardinia! b


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