Florence cultural tours with yummy stops in harvest time

September it’s harvest time in Tuscany so in this period of the year we can find by bakery a special sweet focaccia made with grapes called : schiacciata con l’uva ;

just simple ingredients but very very yummy : ideal for breakfast or as a cake for a tasty snack .

This could be your first tasting in Florence with me during our walking tour.

Santa Maria del Fiore – Filippo Brunelleschi ‘s dome –

Visiting the city with some sweet and sour stops will make your Tuscan experience much more exciting and unforgettable.

What about a glass of Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine?

Did you know this delicious wine has been declared the first DOC of Italy in 1966?

Ponte Vecchio seen from the Uffizi Gallery

Not only wine of course, even some typical local cured meat to be added to our drinks

along with a spreadable sauce based on truffle cream, gorgonzola cheese and black olives paste to be paired with a soft focaccia.

Pasta is a must in Italy and the hand made one is even better so, another stop to try tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes & herbs and pici ( thick spaghetti ) cacio e pepe.

Can’t miss a great Italian espresso coffee “made in Florence” by an historical roastery .

To end with a delicious ice cream daily made with seasonal products no preservatives just a real Italian gelato or ..maybe two?

For more info , cost & booking a cultural tasting tour with me just write me :


Enjoy my world!

Santa Maria Novella

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