Italy is SAFE, Tuscany is safe, Florence is safe!Pistoia is safe!

Time for you to know we are a safe Country!

This my birthplace Pistoia, Tuscany, last Saturday morning at the market

No worries! You can visit and enjoy Italy as before, we are not sick 😷!

We are living a normal life!

We cannot be cancelled from the world because of the Corona virus : we are stronger than this !Our history,our cultural heritage is stronger than this!

We are a safe Country that struggles against the virus in a very serious way , this is true , maybe EVEN more seriously than in other Countries but not because of this the rest of the world could indicate Italy as a dangerous place to visit.

We don’t deserve this!

Florence Medici Chapel

Don’t worry , we are here to welcome you,

to pamper you with our food delicacies,

our precious wine 🍷 our warm hospitality, our museums and masterpieces of art , our breathtaking landscapes and our great love ❤️ for our old and strong Country that saw sooo many disasters in the past centuries and never gave up!

We shall overcome , as Joan Baez ‘s song dated 1963 and we could do it easier with you,

you can really MAKE THE DIFFERENCE just choosing Italy and being on our side:

culture overcomes fear!

Grazie 🙏 from the deepest of my heart ♥️ and in the name of Dante,

of Michelangelo, of Brunelleschi, of Giotto, Galileo Galilei, Roberto Rossellini, Ennio Morricone, Roberto Benigni and all those who made of Italy such a GREAT , UNIQUE Country where it’s a privilege to live in.

Florence :Dante Alighieri & Santa Croce

4 thoughts on “Italy is SAFE, Tuscany is safe, Florence is safe!Pistoia is safe!

  1. Hi Miky, yes it is a very sad situation. Our tourism here in Australia is suffering badly also. We have been advised not to travel to Italy and probably many folks are just not travelling to anywhere as it is so easy to catch viruses on airplanes now days. I am sure it will easy off but not before a lot of damage is done. Italy will always be beautiful and people will always visit there but I think for a while everyone is being careful and maybe scared. We will pray for better days. Lyn x

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    1. Thank you darling, hope before summer time all this will be forgotten as we don’t deserve this! Media did too much rumors for nothing and now we are loosing out credibility to the world’s eyes…Italy is much stronger than a virus! Look forward to seeing you soon again in my lovely Country , take care 😘😘❤️❤️

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