I'm sorry,I apologize: Italy is in blockdown now

I am so sorry , I have to apologize and tell you that I was wrong : the previous news I read about Italy regarding the corona virus were wrong.

The mass media in Italy said this epidemy -just declared this way only few days ago – it was just a simple flu , nothing to worry about and I so trusted them , I wrote my last post just to show the world what I thought and I was sure it was the TRUTH but it is not at all!

So now I feel I have to tell you this : be careful what they said on tv or on the radio or on internet in your Country : I can only tell you what I see here around me in Italy : it is a nighmare .

Many people are dying every day, new deads and new infected by this new plague every day. Our hospitals are full of sick people and it’s so hard for the medical equipe to handle all these cases . Some hotels will be probably used as hospitals in the next days ,today in a newspaper of Bergamo (North Italy near Milan the most infected area at the present ) there were 10 pages annuncing the local deads : 10 pages !!! almost a whole newspaper, can you imagine?

This is a real war : maybe worst than the Second World War as when they were bombing they could go in the cellers after the alarm to protect themselves and their family , today we don’t know when and from which side the disease could come , a real stress for our mind and body.

We are in blockdown since last Monday night and we have to stay at home all the time and go out only for very few important reasons,we must bring with us a form in which we have to write our reasons to be showed to the police in case they stop us , schools are closed, bars, theatres, cinema ,disco, restaurants everything except supermarkets ,pharmacy and tobacconist, banks,post offices – stop !

The only thing to do is stay inside home : don’t kiss or hug or touch anyone else than people of your family ( ONLY those are living with you , not your mom livig in another house!) at least a meter of distance between people in the street and no walks around ,we had to follow the Chinese example : before us they closed their cities and people lived alone inside to stop the virus and in this way they overcame it !

Do not understimate what is going on in your Countries now, look at us we could be a good example to copy !!

It’s so hard for us, being Italians , avoid any phisical contact but this is what our Country asked us to save many lives and to protect our families and friends from this pandemia , we are doing our best to respect these stricted rules to see again the stars at the end of the black night.

I hope I could you show in some weeks another Italia : really safe and ready to host you again with the same warmth and love as we did in the past centuries because what could be Italy without Italians?


Just half of its beauty so, we shall overcome not just for ourselves but for the whole world that cannot miss this wonderful Country without its special people from North to South included stunning islands.

Good luck my friends , keep in touch, when all this will be over another Renaissance comes and we will be here to enjoy it together!


6 thoughts on “I'm sorry,I apologize: Italy is in blockdown now

  1. stay healthy, stay safe, stay positive. The Italians really seem tobe VERY conscientious about this which hopefully will help eradicate the virus there….. xoxo

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