Lesson from the past : self isolation is the best antidote against the new plague Covit19

Listen and learn from the past, from our recent past : in 1918 Italy and America and almost the whole world was invaded by the so called “ Spanish flu “ because it stated in Spain.

I have a vivid memory of this epidemie through my grandmother’s memories , as my grandmother Gina – born in Pistoia in 1912 – lost her mother at the age of 6 because of this disease.

After 100 years today something very similar happened to me to my family again , a similar pandemia ! I have always thought this was a strange kind of illness of the past, a sort of plague that couldn’t come back nowadays, but….. it happened : it is here again among us, with another name but it’s back and again , all over the world! My grandmother would have told me this story from which all of us have to take example:

in the village of Gunnison in Colorado State – USA – in 1918 the Spanish flu was defeated with the SELF ISOLATION : an entire community was isolated in their own houses and all the phisical contacts with others out of the family were forbidden. At train station stop it was announced that if someone wanted to stop have to stay in quaratine so nobody stopped of course. They have been lived in their homes with no tv – no computer – no mobile – no telephone – no facetime – children studied at home or played INSIDE , women and men invented games and started to produce vegetables in their kitchen garden.

All these sacrifices saved the entire village from the terrible flu and then they could start again their normal life.

Nowadays Chinese people studied this interesting American case of self isolation and made a replica in their Country in January 2020 and it worked again!

So a friend of mine from Pistoia who has been living in Nanchin since 2014 and who lived the Corona virus – Covid19 on her skin started from last January, told me the secret to stay alive and save lives : stay at home ! Copy what China did here!

If in 1918 people could do it without all the technology we have today and as during the World Wars without food, I think we can do it too for our and others safety ! Althought we are self isolated we are NOT ALONE , the whole world is fighting this terrible war and only united we could overcome!

So please , follow the Italian strict directions as we followed the Chinese ones : history gave us a great lesson , please don’t ignore it but let’s learn from our past and when all of this will be ended a new Renaissance comes and I hope I could be there with you to celebrate it with parades in the main streets and parties for days and nights!

God bless the mankind and the whole Nature!

P.S. In this picture ,dated 1920 ,you could meet my grandma Gina : she is the tallest one on the left , the picture took in Pistoia, her and my birthplace, in front of the Baptistery of Pistoia with a friend and her sister Emma , the last one on the right. Thanks dear nonna Gina again to have told me this story so many years ago when I was a child and now I could spread it so that this could help many people again 🙏❤️

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