Remembering Florence with love

Ponte Vecchio seen from the Uffizi Gallery

I miss Florence as I miss my friends, my relatives, my community. Miss its crowded streets, its lonely ones and the smells of espresso coffee at every corners : our beautiful, historical cafés that make Florence so special!

Today , Monday March 30th 2020 I want to show MY Florence as I remember it in my mind , not empty as it is now during the self isolation caused by the corona virus .

Hope you will enjoy these pictures I took during my walking tours with my clients or by myself always looking for special corners and places to discover and then to share with others , because in my opinion, sharing is caring ! Can’t really enjoy all this beauty just by myself I need to share it with others only in this way it becomes perfect, full joy!

Enjoy my tour and remember : stay safe at home , self isolation it’s the only cure we know at the present to keep us alive ! Soon again we could travel and meet each other and kiss and hug …it will be BELLISSIMO!!!❤️❤️❤️


6 thoughts on “Remembering Florence with love

  1. Beautiful photos, it is the way I remember Florence which was always my favourite major city in Italy. Stay strong and positive and look for the silver linings. bacioni. Lyn


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