A look inside the Uffizi Gallery

When you feel at home in a museum it means that it is a very comfortable place , a lovely space where you love to stay , walk around , rest , stop and relax in front of all its beauty.

That’s my feeling about the Uffizi Gallery : some rooms are my favorite ones as they host masterpieces of arts that have the power to inspire me : I could spend hours in front of them just to admire every detail and absorb every emotions from all those vibrant shades .

…..when you feel at HOME is a museum, when the paintings seem to call you saying :

hello, I was waiting for you

here I am , just to be admired by you!

need you eyes to shine!

need your photos to stay forever in your memory!

need your astonishment in front of me to feel my great beauty reflected in your smiling faces !

These are my feelings I want to share with you today remembering my beloved Uffizi when it was crowded with people of any nationalities and the air was filled with different voices and languages, how I wish I could be there again now!I know it’s impossible at the present, we must stay at home without meeting anyone, but I can still dreaming about it with the pictures I took just some months ago when it was really my home!

Follow my dreams, you will have a wonderful tour!

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