Here Tuscany – Italy – our second phase after lockdown May 4th 2020

Here we are!

Another step , a small one , but it’s something : since yesterday we can see our relatives or partners or fiancés living close to us but only if they stay in the same region of Italy. Of course always wearing masks and keep the distance of at least more than one meter !

Unfortunately no friends are allowed to be seen again and FORGET family reunion lunch or dinner , not allowed : for Italians this will be hard … our old style of life – “old” means just two months ago, included sharing food together as a sign of re founded peace , but it is not the time to do this.

We can walk or run in a park and have a walk alone always wearing masks and NOT stopping chatting as it used to be : no bars no restaurants could provide you food to be eaten inside, only to take away .

Bike allowed so ….a lots of singing bike rings in the streets I didn’t hear since the austerity in the Seventies…children could go out with parents but they can’t play together and children open sir plays in the public garden are closed .

All the schools and kindergarten are closed but industries re open their doors yesterday so… no grandparents available for poor parents who have to go to work…

The town of Pistoia , my birthplace, has again its food market open in the heart of the city and this another good sign but not a lot of people around : we are still worried about tomorrow , if the virus will attack again we have to lockdown again and it is not a good thing at all…

We are all stressed about this self isolation we need to breath and enjoy again our beloved street life and community: we need it to live but must be careful at the beginning as the invisible war is still in the air ….

Let’s hope people respect all the rules and restrictions this will be a great sign of maturity and real sense of love towards other people

WE ARE THE WORLD more than ever, now let s feel the responsibility everyone has in this moment: “be the change you want to see in the world “ said Mahatma Gandhi: it s time to start acting this way every day since now on!

Stay safe , love the others as they were part of your family and everything will be fine ❤️


6 thoughts on “Here Tuscany – Italy – our second phase after lockdown May 4th 2020

    1. Yesss and it will be FANTASTIC to see you and Gary here again !! Stay safe and keep on dreaming our dreams will save us ❤️❤️❤️😘💋💋💋


  1. I often thought about the stress that this self isolation has caused, for some it would be tougher than the virus. Who knows if shutting down the world was the right decision but no one really knows what is the best thing to do. Dreadful time in our lives. Keep smiling Miky, it will get better soon and Italy and the World will live again. kisses, Lyn

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    1. Yes Lyn we must believe so as we can’t live without a hope! Stay safe , stay positive : world needs our positive feelings to be happy again with people around🤗💋❤️

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    1. So happy you are doing well in Vancouver too!👏👏👏but please use all the precautions, the virus never sleeps…a big hug 🤗 and kisses 😘💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️

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