No new dead , no new infected people : here is Pistoia , Tuscany , Italy – May 5th 2020

This is the best news ever !

This the news I have dreamt since the Covid19 was showed.

Finally I can write a positive post with a positive meaning: yesterday in my small town in Tuscany, Pistoia , no new dead’s – no new infected people in the city hospital!!!!👏👏👏

Although Pistoia it is not a big city we have been a very high number of people infected by Covid19 , we had a lots of people died and my town has been declared one of the most infected in Tuscany.

So when I read this good news on the local newspaper , La Nazione , I felt sooooo happy as this is the news we need to hear from all over the world!

So May 5th it’s the first day of rest for our hospital , doctors and nurses, the first day in which we could see a little hope that became REALITY , not just empty words or dreams!

So this has to be a sign for everybody in the world : the monster could be defeated, it will have an end but the universe needs all our positive vibes to carry on so.. don’t stop dreaming, wherever you live in the world I am sending you a comet with this message :

follow our example in Italy , use all the precautions, keep the distance from others and use masks and gloves and protect the old people at home A N D please keep DREAMING !!!

don’t loose the HOPE because this is something the monster could never take away from us and THIS will save us along with a vaccine, of course , but we must be mentally supported by a good feeling until the end will come.

So please, stay positive, stay alive , try to smile with your eyes and everyone could see it even with a mask and feel the love you spread in the world: this is what we need most now than ever, LOVE ❤️ and big hope , we shall overcome 🙏💪💪

Pistoia: from this small city a sign of big hope!

12 thoughts on “No new dead , no new infected people : here is Pistoia , Tuscany , Italy – May 5th 2020

      1. We had hoped to be in Pistoia in late April. Now we hope to be there when it is safe for part year residents. Take care and be safe!

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    1. Grazie darling, you too!! Today again same situation: no dead no infected 💪💪👏👏👏a great little step ahead!! Lots of love to you and your beloved ones ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

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