How ,just a mask,can change your own perception

How is the perception of yourself with a mask on your face?

I have to tell you that this made a great difference to me.

I was thinking about the Italian saying : put you face on it ! It means you sign something with your personality, your own mark .

This is not more true nowadays :we look all the same : same half covered face, no lipstick needed anymore, no smiles to show, no blush just eyes and ears can be seen and a very often wild and two colors hair !

Sometimes eyes are so sad you would prefer not to see them, sometimes they didn’t look at you at all, lost in other thoughts and so there is any contact, sometimes you could feel a smile that comes through the little wrinkles around the eyes and this is something you have to impress in your mind: a smile coming from the heart.

People with no face couldn’t be recognized at first sight : people are almost lost without their identity that is not just written on their identity card but even on their face.

This morning I was walking in the streets and I was feeling as a ghost : with no face we can be everybody and at the same time nobody .

This reminded me an Italian novel written by a very famous Italian author ,Luigi Pirandello titled : Uno , nessuno, centomila = translated : One, nobody, one hundred .

This third world war brought away so many people , so many things : some really unnecessary we don’t regret , some important such as the dignity and our face.

I want all my face back ! Need it to start buying new clothes, new shoes, to go to the hairdresser again : but without a whole face how can I fell completely myself again?

My face is my trademark need it again to re start my life !and what about you? how is your feeling about this matter? Thanks if you would be so kind to share your thoughts with me l.

My mom , 80 years old, prefers to stay at home on her balcony or in the garden without mask , than take a walk with mask with me !


6 thoughts on “How ,just a mask,can change your own perception

  1. Dear Michela, I feel the same. How can a hairdresser cut your hair if she or he does not see your entire face? My face is my trademark, my way of being with others. Through my face people see if I am compassionate, passionate, happy, worried or even sad. It is difficult to see ourselves as well as others with a mask. Working in Tourism is all about knowing how to be with people, how to make them feel special and how to transmit them emotions. I guess we will have to learn to better use our body language and the tone of our voice. I think our personality and passion will come through in the long run. We must have faith that we will get through this difficult moment. No one says it is going to be easy. Maybe we have to learn to be patient this time…..

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    1. Grazie Lida!❤️❤️❤️so glad you have the same feeling I’ve had this morning during my walk. I miss my face to be shown as I have always done since I was born : I don’t like to be hidden behind masks I don’t even like Carnival for this reason, can you imagine living all our lives this way? Or maybe we must do as the women with the burka who are extremely focused about every detail of their body and wearing very sexy and expensive underwear just because they can’t show their clothes to public ! Amazing…a big hug darling , miss you!❤️💋💋


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