Even Churches re-open after lockdown in Pistoia, Tuscany,Italy

What a great emotion seeing the Church door open after so many days of lockdown!

Finally we can go back to a Church and pray and most of all being able to take part to the celebrations.

Of course even here there are the same restrictions we have in restaurants,cafes and open spaces : one meter distance from one person to another , cleaning hands with special alcohol detergents , on each bench two people only and of course wearing masks all the time and taking the holy Body on our own hands from the priest.

Open door San Francesco Church in Pistoia

So happy having a walk and a stop inside to pray and thank San Francesco for the gift I’ve had : none of my family died during this terrible pandemia.

Don’t move the chairs, disinfectant for hands at the entrance

This Church is dedicated to San Francesco from Assisi who visited Pistoia in the 1220 and please pay attention to the marble stoup : it is not allowed anymore to touch the holy water with hands to make the cross on ourselves when we enter in or when we leave , so it is empty.

More time needed to go back to normality…but it’s a step ahead!

Keep the distance on the benches

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