Pistoia, Tuscany,Italy May 18th 2020 no more lockdown !

So happy : we don’t need a reason of work of health to go out and have a walk !

We don’t need anymore to carry with us a paper in which we should note the reason why we were walking of driving to be shown to the police in case they stopped you.

This self certification made me feel so bad : as a prisoner ! this I didn’t like at all: never had before in all my life this terrible sense of not being free anymore , free to go wherever I wanted to go to, to see people out of my family, to be myself – that’s all!

Finally since now on clothes shops, shoe shops, parfumerie shops, restaurants and bars could sell again and we could sit down – one meter distance and with mask – together, sip a coffee together again, have a chat, being what we simply are : social animals.

I am an only child and the most I missed were my friends:

our coffee breaks during the day, our breakfast in the bars, our walks on Sunday afternoon in the countryside, our conversation about ourselves…so happy now we can look into our eyes finally although it’s still impossible to hug and kiss each other I feel less loneness with them on my side physically.

Italians used to kiss each other and shaking hands : this is the way we grew up , our lifestyle to show happiness in seeing someone again .

We should stop our natural gesture to welcome people old way but we can’t avoid to smile under our mask and let the eyes being our soul’s mirror so everybody could see how much we care seeing them again.

People here are still suspicious: going or not to go to the hairdresser ? They also reopen but distances are still very important to be respected- no more magazines in these shops, nobody has to touch the sane thing more than one time, then has to be sanitizered asap!

Personally I felt a bit the grotto syndrome : stayed too many days inside made me feel home it was the best place to stay, the safer place, away from the virus this reminded me the tale of the elephant kept in a circus linked to a big, short chain for years , he was able to walk just for few meters near the tree where he was linked , one day the circus shut down and the chain was broken and although he was finally free he carried on walking close to the chain , unable to run away anymore….mentally he was confined himself in those few meters although the situation was changed.

I can’t imagine this could be our destiny : maybe we all need some time to feel less scared, feeling more safe even outside our home but it will take some time to find our freedom again inside and outside ouselves.

This pandemia made me understand how important is our freedom we found ready “to wear” , “pret à porter “ as soon as we was born , tailor made by our grandparents after the Second World War , now it’s time to re-build our new freedom after the Third World War: what a precious price we paid for it even this time…

God bless you all , try to keep humans and open hearted as much as possible, all we REALLY need more than ever now is …..true , simple LOVE.

Finally no more self certification we must bring with us during the lockdown
Free & happy in Pistoia’s countryside


2 thoughts on “Pistoia, Tuscany,Italy May 18th 2020 no more lockdown !

    1. Grazie mille darling your appreciation is really welcomed !! I missed my friends sooo much and still do as not all of them live in Pistoia of course..but will see them soon again I hope🙏Big hug and kiss 💋 to you❤️❤️❤️


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