A day to be remembered:no sick people,no dead,no infected in Pistoia,Tuscany,Italy

Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy , May 23rd : no new dead people for Covid19, no new sick people in the hospital, no more recovered people in the intensive special sector dedicated to this invisible but horrible virus !

That means a lot to me and even to you overseas: it’s a hope , it’s a dream came true, it’s like a sign of peace, FINALLY the war it’s over!

At the same time I know this is not the end BUT it’s a moment of rest, at least.

I can say to the world that the corona virus could be stopped ,it can be defeated, maybe it will be back in autumn, I know it well as the scientists said on tv so many times but …..now I can breath a bit, now I can not only dream about the end of this pandemia but even say , I would like to shout it loud : IT’S REALITY not only my dream , it happened in my town , today we could enjoy our first day of peace.

Peace for hospital ,for nurses and doctors , peace on earth and in the sky : it’s a beautiful sunny day as a new spring , a new beginning ,a new life , a good sign after days and nights with only a count of deads and sick people on radio , on tv ,on newspapers and in internet.

Today we need to HOPE and stay few hours – just some time , I don’t want to talk about days nust some moments – in peace , we all deserved this mental rest.

My only hope is that you can enjoy it too, although your Country is still lockdown, please be positive, think positive, be conscious it happened today, here, in Pistoia , in my beloved birthplace, in the heart of Tuscany , in Italy an old Country that saw so many plagues in the past Centuries and I think it will be reality for you too in the next weeks or days , just believe that nothing is impossible if this is already happened here!


2 thoughts on “A day to be remembered:no sick people,no dead,no infected in Pistoia,Tuscany,Italy

    1. 🙏🙏thank you!!!hope you are fine and to see you soon again here, take care and spread the world with this good news not only the bad ones👏👏👏


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