Be happy, you are alive!

This morning I wish to send you a positive message from Pistoia – Tuscany – Italy . My friend Silvia as everyone , stayed at home during lockdown so I couldn’t see her since two days ago when she came out from her window saying “Ciaooooo!!!“ to me.

When I saw her smiling face again I couldn’t resist and take a video of her and she said : “nooo don’t do it I don’t like how I look like !”

but I replied :

“look at the sky how beautiful it is this evening, don’t worry about your look , we must be happy we are alive!!!!”

The same message is for you : open your window , open your eyes again on world, open your heart to others , let’s start living again , with some restrictions of course , masks and keeping the distance but let’s hope we can have another chance to have our lives back !

4 thoughts on “Be happy, you are alive!

  1. Grateful every day…..we must be considerate of the rules to protect ourselves and others and not to over stress the frontline workers. The world is beautiful and so is Silvia when she is smiling!stay safe and well

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