Open market in Pistoia is back after lockdown !

Buongiorno everybody!

I have already wrote several times on my blog about the beautiful open market in Pistoia that dates back to the Middle Age in the same location – the Duomo square where is the city’s cathedral dedicated to San Zeno , but yesterday, May 27th 2020 the open market re open after lockdown and to keep the distances it has been enlarged even further the city center area.

I was soooo happy to walk again through the stalls and see how many people are still attracted by its colorful different kind of goods from clothes to shoes to home items, curtains, table clothes and bags, belts and hats!

As in restaurants and in any other shop we must clean our hands with disinfectant and use gloves to touch things and no more than 4 people for each stall : a lot of policemen was controlling that all these rules were respected.

It has been a real joy for me to see how people react to this new step to “normality “: I saw some more people in the cafés to sip a cappuccino – as I did of course! – or an espresso coffee or even a seated breakfast to feel again the sense of community that we really need to be happy again because there is no satisfaction in being alone enjoying life!

From Pistoia , in Tuscany, in Italy this is another good sign of re start after lockdown , really hope this could help other people abroad to trust we can overcome and there is a place in the world where we could start dare to dream again about another chance to live healthy and with others respecting all the restrictions and having back our lives, so don’t stop dreaming and hoping please! From Pistoia ,in the heart of Tuscany ,this is my love for you!


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