Here Pistoia – Tuscany – Italy Phase #3 started!

Buongiorno my friends, the third and I hope the last phase just started and the first good news I wish to share with you is ….no more masks if we are outside, so we can finally walk in the street without it, we must use it only inside , so for example when we go inside a shop or a in a restaurant ( to eat of course you don’t use it! ) and still keep the distance. This is such a GREAT news for me : we could finally recognize ourselves now when we meet ! Another important news is ….all Italian regions , that are 20 , have been opened so we could freely travel Italy from North to South included Sardinia and Sicily islands with no more restrictions ( only few regions asked for a self declaration of not being affected by the virus) and most important too the Italian borders are open except some Countries such as Austria still maintaining restrictions but it’s a sign of restart and this is a positive sign we need to overcome this difficult moment after lockdown. Hope business men could start traveling again in our Country bringing some work to hotels and restaurants and tourists will be very welcomed by Italians and I look forward to seeing them walk again throughout our streets with their nose up ! To satisfy visitors curiosity even the most important museums re open in Florence , so another reason to travel again to enjoy our treasures and I am at your disposal for a walking tour of course!

La Medusa by Caravaggio – Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Today I feel a bit more free than yesterday and this means so much to me : this is another sign of restart , of reopen , of hope I wanted to share with you , my friends , who are still in lockdown : I wish to say to you , please never give up dreaming , another chance to be back to normality is possible ! Stay safe , stay positive it will happen to you too soon , love from Pistoia to the rest of the world with a cappuccino thick foam and my smile for you ,from the deepest of my heart ,we must resist to shine again!

No more mask outdoor, let’s smile again!

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