Let’s re start from the hairdresser & feeling beautiful again!

During the quarantine I have read somewhere that one person can get depressed by not putting on makeup and in my opinion I would like to add that it starts even when you are not having your hair done!

Since before the lockdown I couldn’t have time to go to the hairdresser: here in Italy we make everything by our hair dresser color , blow and of course cut .

So after more than two months my hair were of two colors ,like this : half of them were grey. What have I learned from this quarantine? That I am old…before the lockdown I didn’t realize how many white hair I had ….so now I had to accept my age that is getting closer and closer to 56 but I don’t care,my perception of it it is about many less…My heart is still young to keep dreaming we will have a future with no more masks!

I wouldn’t ever thought to wash my hair wearing a mask and keep it until the blow was over without seeing my face entirely but.. it happened and I enjoyed it !

No newspapers, no magazines , nothing to read only to speak each other and of course purifying our hands before entering and put our bag into a plastic bag and ..leave your phone number!

That’s all : very easy and sooo wonderful to see your hair done and you can feel you life is coming back to you!!!

New color for the re-start !

3 thoughts on “Let’s re start from the hairdresser & feeling beautiful again!

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