When # zero counts more than big numbers : zero dead – zero new infected – zero new recovered

Let’s start from here, my birthplace Pistoia , Tuscany,Italy : yesterday this was the situation in my town , no dead – no new infected – no new recovered.

This is a great goal but , remember….we are still keeping the distance of about one meter from one to another , using masks and washing our hands frequently and , since some days , we are not more obliged to use plastic gloves because , after months of telling us that were so important and they were so difficult to find and of course they became sooo expensive , it has been found out that is better wash hands as much as possible instead of wearing gloves touching everything different times.

June in Tuscany means this!

I know this is only a good news in a million of bad ones but I wished to share it with you as another little hope you can enjoy from abroad , you that you are still in lockdown. Maybe this situation in my birthplace Pistoia will change tomorrow and so we probably should think to our near future in a different way : perhaps we have to learn how to coabitate with this invisible virus as we did until now the hepatites C or B.

A sunny day on Pistoia’s countryside

What do you think? are you ready to accept the idea of living all our life dealing with this virus? Probably a new vaccine could be invented in the near future but until then… keep your mask and distance from others but please, do not forget to stay humans and love the company of your friends and relatives, enjoying food together and long walks and chats on the beach or on the mountains: this could be a very sad lost indeed , the self isolation is over and we didn’t survive to live without the joy of sharing our feelings and emotions with others!

Stay well as much as you can and enjoy every second of this opportunity to be happy , called life.

My typical Italian breakfast with a friend, outside a café in Pistoia

4 thoughts on “When # zero counts more than big numbers : zero dead – zero new infected – zero new recovered

    1. If you have read all my post I said it is not over and probably itvwill never end so..this is just a good sign , not the end of the virus at all but in my opinion we need know that something changed from the beginning of the epidemic . We have the right to know this and even be happy – finally – about this good result! I don’t want to be guilty or afraid to feel glad again ❤️


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