Sardinia is a white region : a covid free happy place!

So happy for my Sardinia island!!!

Finally a very good news for Italy :no covid anymore in this beautiful island .

I called it “my island” because I spent all my summer holidays there since I years ten years old so it’s my second home and I love its territory, its people, its clean sea, its beaches , arts and archeological ruins , delicious food and wine…everything is so special there!

Far from the Italian continent it is a real happy island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea : nobody could enter into it except those who can show the negative tampon or to be vaccinated and only for some important reason to visit not for tourism or to stay in the summer houses .

Hopefully this could be the the first step to the be back to life again very soon all over Italy and Europe and the whole world!

Have you ever been in Sardinia? Here there are dome of my photos of two years ago as I couldn’t go there last summer because of the covid for the first time in fifty years…Enjoy Sardinia and its wonderful landscapes a real Paradise on earth since ever and today even more also for an health profile


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