Italy is safe : curfew doesn’t mean we have terrorism

Yesterday I found a news that I didn’t like at all : the American Gouverment indicates Italy as a dangerous Country not a safe place where to go and visit as we still have curfew.

Here it is the link :

Curfew is just because of the virus to avoid people meeting in the streets and chat at night but we have no riots or more criminals as before the pandemic : we are just more poor and sad but that’s all …as everywhere in the world!

Hope to see you in Italy soon , with some more rules to respect but in a safe, friendly atmosphere as always in Dante’s and Michelangelo’s beautiful Country.


2 thoughts on “Italy is safe : curfew doesn’t mean we have terrorism

  1. Many Americans will return to Italy as soon as the Italian government allows us to return, providing that restaurants, markets, museums and other tourist sites have reopened in Italy and there are no curfews.

    Gretchen and I are very eager to return to Italy, our second home. It has been nearly 18 months since we have been in Italy. That’s far too long to be away from Tuscana.

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