Back at the Uffizi Galleries because the new Renaissance starts from Florence!

What a great emotion : finally back to the Uffizi again after lockdown!

The Uffizi Galleries in Florence seen from the Ponte Vecchio

I was alone in front of the Spring of Botticelli

La primavera & me

in front of the Venus,

Botticelli ‘s Venus original and on my mask

in front of the Michelangelo’s only movable painting existing in the world – the Tondo Doni –

Tondo Doni by Michelangelo & me

and I felt so happy so free …back to life again!

Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

I decided to wear my special mask with the Botticelli ‘s most famous painting, the Venus and from this old stairs started my first tour alone to get in touch again with my beloved world

Proud to be a Florence guide: love my job

It’s time to enjoy Florence and its museums because getting in touch with art and with such pure beauty in all its forms , sculptures and frescoes , architecture and paintings , it is a real balm for our soul and body : a new Renaissance for all of us starts from here as Ursula Geltrud von der Leyen said some days ago and I totally agree.

Uffizi Galleries levant corridor
The view from the top of the Uffizi Galleries
Inside the Uffizi Galleries

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